Mystery Rainbow

One sunny spring day, Robby the rabbit was laying on a grassy hill watching the clouds. He noticed that the clouds were getting dark. It started to rain. But this wasn’t normal rain, it was magic rain. Soon, Robby was fast asleep. When he woke, he saw a rainbow in the sky. What a beautiful rainbow, he thought. But it is the wrong color! The rainbow was all black, gray, and white, not how a rainbow should be. Robby blinked his eyes to make sure it was real, and when he opened them, it was back to normal. How mysterious! 

The Prompt week #26

It was a normal day at school. We were just finishing up a lesson when the teacher announced that our class would write the 100 word challenge this week. At first I was excited, since I usually like writing stories. But then I figured out that the prompt was “…I was so cross that…”! How on Earth was I supposed to write a story with that?! I had a few good ideas, but then the teacher said that it had to be something that actually happened to us! Seriously, people! Really, can anyone actually write a good story with that prompt?

Paws – 100WC Week 23

“Hey, little kitty. Getting into mischief?” I asked the kitten we found a few days ago. She’s a clumsy kitten. So far, she had nearly knocked over a ladder, stepped in red paint, and spilled a jar of coins on the pavement.

“Hey! Paws!” My brother had shouted, while my baby sister dropped the coins in the fountain. She liked sinking things.

We decided to call the kitten Paws, since she was always getting her paws dirty. Well, not always. Somehow, once the sun went down and the stars came out, she was just a sweet little kitten. Little Paws.




“Oreo! Lunch time!” I yelled. My cat, Oreo, came running towards the cat food in her bowl. Once she started eating, I went to play with the rocket I made out of a box. But just as I was “blasting off,” Oreo jumped in. “You want to be an astrocat?” I asked her. “Meow!” She replied. Just then, strange music started playing. It was completely out of tune. Then, a bright light appeared. I closed my eyes. When I opened them, I realized that me and Oreo were in space! “You really are an astrocat,” I said to Oreo. “Meow!”

Kangaroo Kindergarten – Week 15

“Rise and shine, little kangaroo,” Joey’s mom said. “Time for your first day of Kangaroo Kindergarten!” Joey opened his eyes. The light blinded him as he peeked out of his mother’s pouch. “Can I have some waffles for breakfast?” Joey asked. “Of course,” said Joey’s mom. “I already made them for you.” When Joey finished breakfast, brushed his teeth, and packed his backpack, he hopped all the way to school. He saw his friends from preschool. Peggy Pig, Tina Turtle, and Gary Gecko. He met a new friend too, Anna Alpaca. Joey knew Kangaroo Kindergarten  would be lots of fun!


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