sinking red ladder on the pavement made of coins

One day i went outside onto the pavement  with the quite tweet of the birds coming from  north and the slow breeze coming from the south.As i went for a walk i noticed coins, then walking farther i saw a red ladder, then walking even farther i saw a fish sinking into a lake. This walk has been great so far but i saw some weird thing i think to myself. As i cept running i noticed a sinking red ladder on the pavement made of coins. as i head home i remember  what i saw along the way. WHAT?

How Different it Would Have Been! Week #20

One day me and my friends were heading to the store, as we were walking we noticed a little shop with concert tickets with enough for the four of us. we ran in and we had the money so we bought them! That night was the concert. That night as we where heading there we were so exited but as we were walking in as the concert was starting we noticed the guitar  was completely out of tune! So we left and when we got home we realized how different that would have been if we hadn’t bought the tickets.

The Light 100 WC week 15

One day there was a boy named Kyle and he went for a run. As he were running down an ally there  was something out of the corner of his eye, it blinded him.He headed towards the bright thing he saw. After about five minutes he finally reached the figure and realized it was a light. The light had a wooden pole, a large glass shell that was cracked to were you could see the light bulb inside that sprung with a yellow color. As he headed home the light followed him to where he could see it for forever.

Bug Guy Week#7

Somewhere in the world right now there is a guy in the world that is Famous for taking a week to promise to get bugs out of your house in no time but, he likes to take his precious time and …..

His name is…..

Jeff! Jeff is my good friend, i am his only friend actually, he says that he doesn’t need friends because he is famous and he doesn’t need friends he needs fans and followers!, Witch at least i know is not good because he will think that they are crazy, insane stalkers!


Who you gonna call?



The Snowman…….

One day this letter got mailed to my door, i was invited to a Christmas party so i went, when i arrived i walked in the door and saw a woman dressed as a snowman slowly waled down the stairs, put looks on the doors, and chased me. AS we ran through the house i discovered i needed to find things to get out house, first i found a watermelon, smashed it and found the first key to unlock the door. Then i searched the strange woman’s room and found another key, i finally was able to escape! Finally!!!!


The Bike Ride – Week 11

One day I invited one of my friends to go for a bike ride. We biked through the woods and watched the sun set. We left our bikes in the woods by a tree and forgot about them. We moved on, got older and grew up, after about three to four years me and my friend went out for another bike ride with our new bikes and new life. This was so different from the past, the thing we did the same was the bike ride. We biked through the woods and watched the sun set, and saw the bikes…….


The Long Day

One day i was with my friends Vivian, Avery, Sophie, and Miley and we were walking my dog. As we slowly headed into town we heard a lady scream, we wanted to see what was going on so we went running toward the sound of the scream. As we slowly a approached we saw a pretty lady screaming by a bricked wall, we wondered what all the fuss was about but it turned out there was a gorilla!! The pretty lain the yellow dress was saved and the gorilla was put in a zoo. Thank god everyone was saved! ” ahhhh “

The Babysitter W6

” BATH TIME! ” yelled the babysitter.

” NO, NO, NO! I want a dance party! ” sayed  Lala.

” Okay, we can have a dance party but then you have to take a bath! ” Said the babysitter as she danced clumsily. Suddenly the TV turned on to a wrestling match and the fighter had thrown an orange at the opponents! this has been such a great night already but it is time for a bath……..

” Time for a bath! ” sayed the babysitter.

” No,  No,  No! ” sayed the Lala and she really didn’t want a bath. After she broke almost everything in the house………

 “BATH? “





Jack and Billy, Billy and Jack

Once upon a time before the grass grew and before the sun lay in the sky there was a goat. And that goat was all alone in this world. As well as a boy named Jack.They were both alone in this world but that was about to change…..

One day Jack was hunting and snuck up on this goat ready to kill him but instead made him his best friend! They were Jack and Billy, Billy and Jack and they were a team. Until one day… They were both suffering so much and they both died……

Jack + Billy, Billy + Jack

The Whole Day Went Backwards

One day i woke up to a lovely day,everything was great, but one thing, i looked at the clock, but it seemed to be going backward

” Huh! Probobly just something with the electrical! ” That  morning i had a great breakfast and headed outside. It looked nice out until I stepped outside, it started storming! A thunder storm in fact! It was weird! When i stepped inside my dad my dad yelled,

Dinner time! “

” What you know that clock ios wrong! ” I explained

” Or maybe your just wrong! Now get in here and eat! “

” Ok, ok, but i just ate breakfast! “

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