So I was taking a walk down town and there were people on top of a building.  But how did they get up there? That building was so tall.  Are they stuck.  Why are they up there?  I had so many questions.  So I looked at a different angle and there were more people up there.  Why are they up there? So I went in to the building  so many stars.  Oh it is just a celebration on the roof.  Now I get it I did not even know you could get up there. So I started to walk home.

Week 24 – the teacup

I wanted to have a picnic so, I  packed the food. When I was done packing I stared walking to find a quiet grassy area. Then I found a spot near a park that was quiet. I saw my friend walking by the park.  I asked her if she wanted to come to the picnic. “Hi Sophia.” I said.

“Hi” said Sophia walking over.”

When she got there she started talking about this giant teacup that her grandma drew on a note and how she wanted to find it.  So, they started their big quest to find the giant teacup.

but what if I was in charge

I thought to my self but what if I was in charge? I would totally have way more fun. First go get smoothies. Than go to the movies [when I am done with my smoothie]. OK now I have to do something fun like go to the park? No not so fun.Go to the water park? Yes. So I stared packing. So I stated driving and then arrived at the water park. But it was 2:00 and I had till 10:00. I heard a loud bump.What all of that was just a dream.Now I really want to go to the water park.

Week 19 – By Lucia

It came down the drainpipe and shoes were very wet and same with my socks and I then had to walk all the way back to my house with wet shoes .EWWW  the squeaking when I walked,the gorse feeling. OK now I was home and I was so hungry. I got some popcorn and started to watch a movie and then I herd a weird sound but I thought that it was OK but no it was a tornado warning a so I had to stop my movie and go down stairs but it was the first Saturday. FALSE ALARM.

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