the oxford museum

Hi my favorite part of the museum was when we learned about when oxford was a gravel pit and, the saloon was also the dentist. I learned that the high school was very small and it was where the old fire station was. Also when you had a bad tooth you would have to go to the barber shop and get your teeth puled out, can you believe that the dentist was also a barber shop. The last thing i learned was that was oxford was once the gravel capital of the world and where water stone is used to be a gravel pit.

Shrek vs Phil da iron

one day Shrek was looking for his iron, but it can not find it so he eats soup and go’s to bed with his teddy bear. the next day he finds Phil eating walnuts “Phil can you iron me clothes” “no” said, Phil “then I will fight you” said, Shrek. Shrek punches Phil. Phil turns him self on “rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” “oh oh me hot ” Shrek trips on a rock and falls into the swamp “oooo me like the swamp” Shrek gets out and takes a mud shower then eats 1 gallon of soup Phil also irons his feet and clothes. the end


Richard was running to the military tent. The building shook, then the building burst from the weight of the beast. Small debris fell from the falling building burying the wet road, once he made it to the tent, the whole area was covered in glass and metal. The general gave orders to everyone too fire. Godzilla crashed into a building and made a blood curdling scream. Richard stopped firing then Godzilla ran towards the tents everyone shot but he ran the other way. A few moments later he heard screaming but then he looked back and saw Godzilla retreating.

The Future

Jim walked out of the hospital. He had broke his neck he was in a coma for 5000 years. Every building was floating on a tiny patch of land. He looked of the edge down there was lots of roller skates and red sand. Out of nowhere someone pushed him off the edge… every thing was white . He woke in a old pool and he swam to the edge. The sun was bursting with yellow and blue. Then he noticed the huge floating island it was being lifted by large blue waves of light. He was very amazed of the future.

the big bigfoots

“look hairy me see monster it fluffy and white”said toes “dat is bunny no hide” hairy said “you smart hairy” ” thanks” said hairy ” we go find food now” said toes “ok” toes . hairy and toes go to the food patch “FOOD” shouted toes 1 hour later. hairy and toes get fat so they make a weights and workout 2 days later they are BUFF. “ahhhhhhhhhhhhh” said toes running toward hairy “whats wrong” “mmm monster” said toes “where” “over there” said toes “ahh run behind a tree” said hairy “ok”hairy . they quickly run to big trees but they are to buff to hide.

its good to make/fix/reuse

It is good to  Make/Fix/Reuse things by lucas

What People need to know is that It is good to make/fix/reuse Things.Because I promise it can make you more creative.It’s good for the earth and you can learn new things.  Those are the reasons why it’s good to make/fix/reuse things.  


The first reason why it is good to make/fix/reuse things is because it can make you more creative. For example when I was 7 I was not very creative and I did not have a good Imagination. Those got better after I started making/fixing/reusing things.The last reason it makes you more creative is that…. It can make think new things

  The next reason it is good to make/fix/reuse things is that it is good for the earth. For example it’s good to reuse, fix and make things because it’s bad to produce plastic and other resources because it puts co2 in the air. Also it’s good to make things with what you have. Lastly, it’s great to recycle. 

 The last reason why it’s good to make, fix and reuse things is that you can learn new things. Like how things work,how to make new things and how to be better at things. For example, lots of people learn from making, fixing and reusing things.Also mrs Hay learn how to fix roofs Don’t forget it’s great to make.It is good to Make/Fix/Reuse things because it can make you more creative, it’s good for the earth and you can learn new things. 

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