100WC Week 26 – I was so cross

I was minding my own business until my cousin comes in and tries to unplug my Xbox and make me mad and he had made me cross by unplugging my Xbox. When he unpluged my Xbox, I wanted to hurt him so bad because I was so cross that he unplugged my Xbox.  He made me so cross that i did not want to play anymore. I was so cross that i did not want him in my life anymore. I turned my Xbox back on and he was there next to my door trying to unplug it again.

The Weird Guy Names Jimmy Week #23

The jimmy do not know how to do anything. That’s why he is weird. He acts like a sinking shark. He also act like he don’t know how to climb a ladder. He also thinks that coin are botons. He act like a red bull when he is mad to. He does not know what a pavement is because he did not go to school! Sometimes he does the banana dance on youtube for 5 hours! He also don’t know how to use a phone and he tried for a month! This is some reason why Jimmy is very very weird.

singing donkey

I was on a farm minding my own business, then after i see a singing  donkey singing! and it was out of tune because it was not just a singing donkey, it was a mean singing donkey. I was tying to sneak up on him, but he had found me! I tried to run from him but he was to for me to run away from him. I was trying to run as fast as i can but he was on my tail. Finally i lost him and i am finally free and i can go back home and sleep.


the light blinded him Week #15

The light blinded him. One time when Owen had turned on a light right in front of him, he got blind. ”Ah I am blind! ”Why do I have to be blind! ”I just thought nothing was going to happen but something did! ”I had never knew that something like this would’ve happen! I tried to hit my head with my hand then i had hit my head on my bed to not get blind. I had also turned around for a lot of times and it still didn’t work. I guess i have to deal with me having glasses:(.

The Portal

One day, the purple man and the blue man wanted to climb a tree. First, they were climbing tree to tree. Once they got to the biggest tree they wanted climb it.once they got on top of the tree, purple man was falling and flipping off the tree and so as the blue man. Once the purple man got on the ground,a portal popped up in front of him and got sucked in by it and so as the blue  man. A  black sky appeared everywhere. Purple man had disappeared. Blue man was confused then after he disappeared as well.


Fortnite week 5

In Christmas. I got a Xbox. When i had no games, I wanted to go to my Xbox shop. When i went to my Xbox shop i saw this game called Fortnite. I had the game fornite and updated.  It remined me of the time when i suck at halo five. I wanted to get the battle pass but i could not because i did not have enough money for the vbucks. Couple months later it was season 4.  I had enough vbucks to get the season 4 battle pass. I had started to got all the battle passes, then i was good.

100wc Week7 Lego man taking pictures

I was playing with my Lego man everywhere, after i saw a bunch of little bugs on the ground,  my Lego man started to take pictures. I was trying to make my Lego man stop taking so much pictures but he wont stop.After i was yelling at the Lego man he stopped taking pictures. When i saw that he took 150 pictures, i wanted to go home. After i was walking he started to take pictures again!  My Lego man was weird but taking pictures was the weirdest! After i said,”take pictures again”. He started to take lot of pictures again!

week 6 wc The Dancing Turtle

One day i was just exercising and doing some others thing, then after i saw this turtle and it was dancing! It was the weirdest turtle i had ever saw in my whole inter life. It looked like he was taking a bath to. It was a orange dancing turtle. It also looked like it was a fighting turtle to. I was terrified when i saw the orange dancing and fighting turtle. When i saw that the turtle was not moving i realized that he was clumsily. When it was turning to night time he had to go to sleep.

Weird 3 heads

One day i was just riding my bike, then i saw these 3 weird heads. I was thinking, why is it here, what is it doing here. I think I was sure someone put it here and coming back for it. But then the next day it was still there. I was thinking, should i keep theses weird heads or tell everyone if this is your 3 heads. But when I asked everyone they said no, Also people said it was to weird to be mines. That made me think, this is someones 3 heads that is weird. Then I saw someone. ”Huh”?

the fornite cube went backwords

in the summer, i was playing fortnite and a cube randomly showed up on a desert mountain. i was thinking, what is this doing here? why is it here? later on the cube moved! i was looking what the cubes moves and it was going to tilted! When it moved again six time I was weird.but it seemed to be going backwards! Why does the direction it is going in matter? Days ago the it was twelve more days! the cube was heading loot lake right now the cube was at tilted but now the cube is now all gone

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