Oxford Museum

My Favorite part of the museum was the big glass with the stuff about the lone ranger and the radio lone ranger. Also did you know that the dentist was also the barber. And if it was cold outside back then and you could not go outside so when you would have to go to the bathroom you would have to go to the bathroom in a bucket. Also if you had a toothake they had no shots to numb it so they would rip it out of your mouth. These are some things I learned at the oxford museum.

Lost By Jack

The sun beat down on his neck. Max looked out onto the open sand with nothing and definitely no sign of plane gas. The last thing he can remember before getting on the plane is the man. “Can I check your passport?” he asked. They had to land in the desert to find gas so Max said he would go out and search for gas. Max was glad they all landed safely before they ran out of gas. He was driving with a few other people. Then someone screamed “I FOUND GAS!” Was that really gas he was looking at?

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