The Hike Week#28

Kristen was going for a hike. On a huge mountain! When Kristen got about half way she took a break and sat on a blanket she puled out of her blue bag. She was looking around when she saw a Bald eagle. She got her camera bag she took of the lid off she took a picture before the eagle before it got away then she glanced that way and saw giant feet in the air. Kristen walked of to the statue. When she got there she saw giant plastic legs. Kristen glanced in shock she snapped a picture, Wow!

The Track Group Week #27

Lena and her group were at the gym. They were running, although they ran quickly they were still not making enough progress. “Come on guys we have to work hard.”Lena said while running. The group started to run faster. “Good guys only one more mile in in one minute and 10 seconds we break records!” Lena said joyfully “I can’t run no more.'”said Hope “Yes you can just try harder because if you want ti bad enough you can!” Lena said proudly “Five four three two one!” Lena said We Broke records! the whole group hugged and jumped in the air!

Week #25

Emmett was walking when he saw an empty billboard next Bunker hall. But It was dangerous opportunity. But cool for Bays birthday. So when it was late at night he taged the billboard with bays work. Then at her party he got her a blindfold she had to wear  it tell he told her, When she saw it she said on my lord thank you how did u get up there? He signed i flied up there and then i fell you did all that for me? Ya happy birthday as they walked back bay was so happy Thank you.

Week 19 – Snail terror

I slipped on my rain boots and dashed outside. As I ran into the back ward swoosh I fell right on my bum! After i fell I got up and I was covered in mud and I had snails all over my shoes , YUCK I screeched . I snowshed all around like a dog after a bath. Suddenly I  saw the drain pipe there were coming down the drain pipe I got a little closer to get a better look and i saw a giant snail in the Conner of my eye. I stood there in shock the snail moved closer!


Week #24 The tea cup

I was walking in a park , when I saw a giant tea cup. I walked  a bit closer and I saw half of it in the ground. I walked in the tea cup and taped on the wall and it made echo sounds. Then I jumped up and down . After a bit of jumping and staring I went and got my scorer ball and kicked it at the tea cup it cam back and rolled past me. Then i watched the sun go down then i took off my jacket and covered up and went to bed watching the stars.


Hello,” said Jack

                      “Shh.” commanded Timmy

“We are supposed to be acting as stachues!” said Alison

     “Why?” asked Jack

“Because if they find out they could take us or worse.” declared Timmy  

              “Why would they take us?” Jack asked confusedly

          “Because they think were evil!” declared Alison

               “Just because we’re silver and not from earth doesn’t mean we are evil.” Said jack

            “Shh a human is coming!” commanded Alison

                 After the human dashed offed , Jack said “i‘m leaving!”                                                                                                                        “STOP they will call 911 and take you we will never see you again!”  Screamed Alison and Timmy                                                                                               

He walked away and we never saw him again and from that day on we never saw another alien…           

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