oxford Museum visit

Today I visited  Oxford Museum for a school filed trip. And I liked it. One of the things they taught me was that barbers where dentist back then. The thing I liked the most is where in one part of the museum they showed us how fire trucks would have the alarm when there was a fire.  So what they did was that the fire alarm of the fire truck had a circle that was colored black and on the back of it it had a leaver so then one of the fire fighters would spin the leaver and it would make the alarm so people would know theirs a fire. They also taught us that the Oxford Museum used to be the Oxford bank.

The Dinosaur

One day there was a dinosaur walking around trying to find food but then a big iron fall down from the sky. After it fall down the baby dinosaurs started yelling and crying because they where so scared. When the parents  dinosaurs came they just there looking at the big iron. One of them said that there was another world filed with giants and one of the giants drop there iron. One of the dinosaurs touched it and then said it looks all right to me. so then the big iron that fell down turned into a ride for dinosaurs.

The building

One day there was a building that caught on fire a week ago. Two men that worked as engineers and they were called by their boss one day. There boss told them to make the building that caught on fire into a store because there was a family that was going to start a business. What the engineers didn’t know was that there was going to be an earthquake that day. And then the building shook and then the roof fell down and broke! Luckily the engineers were in the safe building which is only used if an earthquake happens. 



The hospital

One day I was going to a doctors appointment. When we got to the hospital I saw a big yellow car which I thought was weird but nice. When we went into the the hospital I saw a kid with tiny roller skates on a chair. I felt bad for the kid. When I was called in to see the doctor I was a bit nervous but happy at the same time.  When I got home I went to the pool and swam for a little bit. After that I want to take a bath and went to sleep.

Elena’s 100wc

One day we where going to the zoo for a filed trip.  Everyone was so excited to go but we had to stay on the bus for an hour and that wasn’t fun at all. When we got there everyone went crazy because we where to excited to see the animals. Are first stop was the bears. There was little baby bear cubs climbing a tree. They where really cute and I wanted to pet them. Then after we took time to see the bares we left.  Then we saw the most of the animals and then we went home.

Being an only child

You may not want to have a sibling. You may not have anyone to play with you. I think being an only child would be bad because you can get lonely, bored, and you have to go wherever your parents go.

 Being an only child would be lonely because you won’t have anyone to play with you. Even if you have your parents in the house they are not going to be able to play with you and that would make you feel lonely. Your parents are going to have to finish their work they have to do for the day. You can’t just stay on the couch and do nothing at all. You would also get lonely from time to time.

The next reason is being an only child would be boring because when you have done every single thing you can think of, it would make you really bored. If you have someone to prevent you from getting bored. If you just on the couch it would make you bored. Like not all the time but it would get boring sometimes.

 The last reason is about the bad things about being an only child. The bad things about being an only child is that when your parents have to go to the food store or just about anywhere. You have to go with them which is really annoying sometimes because when you are doing your thing and in your pajamas and your parents come in and tell you to change just because they’re going to some random party that they got invited too.  

 These are the reasons why it’s bad being an only child. You can get lonely, bored, and you have to go wherever your parents go. Also, you should appreciate your siblings because they are there for you.

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