One day, I was sitting on the couch,  watching TV,  when out of the corner of my eye,  I saw my brother took the remote off the arm of the couch, ” Don’t you dare!” I shouted. He changed the channel to a stupid gaming Youtube video! I was so cross, that I grabbed the remote out of his hands screamed at him. He screamed and grabbed at the remote,  but I changed it back. Then he went to tell on me and I hid the remote. He came back downstairs and found it, so he changed the channel again! “UGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!”

Roadwork – 100WC Week 23

One day, I was taking a walk. I saw a sign that said: “Roadwork ahead”. I walked over to it and saw two construction workers putting bright red pavement into the ground. I was confused because the rest of the sidewalk was white. For some reason, they took down to signs that said “wet paint” and put a bag of coins on the other side. A baby  walked towards the wet paint. “NO!” I shouted, but she kept walking. She walked towards the bag of coins. She started sinking. The construction worker grabbed a ladder and pulled her out! HOORAY!

The Record Player

One day I decided that I wanted to see what was in the attic.  I slowly climbed up the ladder, nervous about what I would find.  When I climbed up, I saw a sheet covering something big.  I went and took the sheet off and saw a strange box that looked like it had a tuba coming out of it.  I saw a button and pressed it.  Good music started playing, but sounded out of tune. I asked my sister to come up with me, and we started dressing in old clothes and dancing.   We had a lot of fun!


Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Timmy. Timmy loved to read. One day, Timmy was reading his favorite book, Who Was Sacajawea, when he turned the page and a bright light shined on his face. The light blinded him. When he opened his eyes, he was in a strange world. Then he saw some people walk by. It was Sacajawea and Lewis and Clark! He looked down and saw he was an adult and he was dressed in old fashion clothes! “I think I’m in the book!” he thought to himself “COOL!” Then, he woke up.

The Invasion

One day, I was walking in the park and I saw a ladybug approaching me, “Hi little ladybug!” I said as I reached down to pick it up. The ground started to shake. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Their invading!” somebody shouted. And then I saw them… the lady bugs! There were hundreds of thousands of them! “HELP!” I shouted. Just then, a guy jumped out of a moving truck. “Here!” He said as he handed me a laser gun. “Kill the ladybugs!” he shouted. So I did. “EVERYONE GRAB A LASER GUN!” I shouted. That’s when I woke up. I couldn’t believe it!                                









100WC alligator teacher week 2

Hello my name is Delaney. First I will tell you about me. My favorite color is mauve, and  my favorite class is writing. The reason why my favorite class is writing is because my teacher is an alligator and we never write. We just do tricky crossword puzzles and go on hikes. One time we even climbed a mountain. She can’t talk which means she cant yell. She can write so she always keeps a piece of paper handy.She is a good teacher besides the fact that she sometimes eats the students. Oh no, she just ate my best friend! 


   One  day, I was was walking my dog and I  saw two giant sticking out of the ground, so I decided that I wanted to climb them, so I jumped up to the stick. I heard a shifting noise and the stick turned. I jumped down, then I realized my dog was gone! “Sprinkles!” I yelled. I heard her bark. I looked around. I saw a purple haze and so I walked into it. There she was. “Sprinkles!” I said. I looked up “DINOSAURS! AAAAAAHH! LETS GET OUT OF HERE!” I said,and ran through the portal, and we ran home! 

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