100wc week 26

One day, I was drawing a picture until my brother came down and annoyed me, I was so cross that I said “I’m going to kill you” and he ran upstairs and I started chasing him up the stairs. but when we got to our room I went back down stairs but he followed me and started to tackle me. But I escaped my brother and ran upstairs to tell our mom. When I came back I noticed that my brother ripped my drawing I worked so hard on. I screamed at him so loudly that the entire house shook.  

week 20

one day, I was riding the school bus home from school like everyday. I also decided to listen to some music from my phone, so I hooked up my wireless headphones. But then when I started, it was completely out of tune. So I restarted my phone and turned off my headphones. When my phone turned back on I reconnected my headphones and started listening to music again and this time it worked. When I got to the stop before mine I quickly shut off my phone and headphones and sat in the seat looking out of the bus window.


Week 15 – Unicorns

One day, I found a portal and I went through it. It led to a magical rainbow land and I saw five rainbow unicorns. I went up to talk to them. Two of them were boys and the other three were girls. Then they led me to their house. I looked around ad I heard one unicorn yelling. I ran to where the unicorn was yelling and I saw that he had turned on the light and the light blinded him for a few minutes. I told him that it was going to be okay. After that I went home.

100wc Camping

One day me and some friends went camping. I was with Lilian, Joelle, And Josie. we had so much fun! First we went on a hike in the woods close to the campsite. When we got back to the campsite it got a little dark so we started a fire than all of a sudden a squirrel jumped out of a tree and onto my hair as Joelle though a log into the fire. “ahhhhhh” I screamed as it jumped out of my hair and went back to the tree. “Lets get to sleep” I said ” yeah” said the others.

the attack of the angry gorilla/100wc

One bright and sunny day, I was walking down the street with my parents. Than all of a sudden an angry gorilla was running down the street toward the brick wall into the park. it was running towards a pretty women in a yellow shirt and some jean shorts and black boots. I was running after the gorilla and tried to jump on it. than the police came and tried to catch the gorilla by shooting it but they kept missing because it was to fast. But at some point they decided the would use a net to catch it.

crazy school day-100wc-week #2

One day, I was on my way to school on the bus. When I got off the bus I got all my stuff from my backpack that I need. When I went in the classroom, I saw a mauve colored alligator, and I saw the teacher right next to it. I wondered if it was her pet. She explained that it was her pet while she passed out math tests. The test was a little tricky. A little bit after math, we went out for recess. When I was out there, I climbed the big, giant tree.Today was crazy!

The Hands-100wc week #1

One time, me and my family went to the mall. I saw some giant hands coming out of the ground, I wondered if they were real, I went over to it and my parents followed me the hands were just some shiny metal though. I also wondered what they were holding, it kinda looked like some kind of stick or something. I really wondered what he was holding in his hands. “Mom, Dad?” I said. “Yes honey” they said. “Do you know what the hands were holding?” I asked. “No,” they said. I really wondered what the hands were holding.

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