The Oxford Museum

The oxford Museum is about stuff back in the days. Stuff they used instead of the stuff we have now. The Museum was made in 1975. The Museum was a the Oxford Bank but it is now the Oxford Museum. Like some of the electric stuff we have they had heated stoves and they had to work for like 1 hour turning the handle and rinsing the water then drying it in the dark basement or cellar. They also did not throw anything out so when they took there hair off there brush they would store it in a container and save it for when they are bored in the winter and so they use the hair to make an art work or use horse hair to make couches. You should take your family some day and have them remember what they used.

The Falling Iron

One day I was walking on Post-Lane street when I looked at a news channel on a t.v. “Warning everyone, there is a weird looking thing falling from the sky. So watch out.”  As soon as I heard that I was very careful walking and kept looking in the sky. A few hours later when I looked in the sky I saw something big and I jumped out of the way. Right in front of me was a giant iron. It just fell out of the sky. This must be the thing that the girl said. I just kept walking.

The Bear Attack

One afternoon I was sitting on the couch watching T.V. in my apartment watching my favorite show when the building shook and then it made me fall off the couch. When I got up the power was out. I looked out the window, I gasped!” I have never seen that big of a bear!” I said. It had short claws, smooth brown fur, and it was the cutest thing I have ever seen. It put the top of his head by the window and said “Hop on.” So I quickly crawled on his head and we went on our way.

The Pool

One summer day I was asking my mom to go to the pool, soon after I was standing right in front of the public pool by the hospital. I walked over to the water toy bin and I found a pair of yellow roller skates! I just walked away and jumped in the pool. I was just swimming underwater and I swam past a tiny pair of googles I just swam right to the stairs walked up the stairs and sat down on a long chair. I have had enough today so I decided to just rest on the chair.

Mom’s are the best By Alexis M.

Mom’s are the best!

What people need to know is that our parents care for you and teach you many things,also so you can get smarter. Parents can teach kids in different ways like helping with math, show you to cook,and always tells me to do the right thing.

One reason she is good at teaching is she helps with math so I feel confident in math tests,lightning rod tests, and just normal math too so I don’t have to worry about getting many problems wrong. One time I kept getting stuck on a problem on my lightning rod test so my mom just gave me the answer and I just said “Thank you!” and put my binder back in my backpack.

Another reason she is good at teaching me is she teaches me to cook so I can make my own foods and snacks. Also so I can get used to sharp and hot stuff. When my mom is not home and we have to make dinner then I can help make it. One time my mom had a meeting and nobody else knew how to cook so I had to tell everybody how to use or do it. It is amazing to help cook a meal. 

My last reason she’s a great teacher to me is she always tells me to do the right thing. When we visit something new she always tells me to behave and be nice to everyone. One time we went to a museum with my grandparents and it was a big building with a lot of old stuff and my mom said “stay close,be nice,and behave well.”So I always try to stay on my best behavior.

This is important because if you did not have parents you probably Would not learn much. Parents are amazing in different ways and they teach you in different ways. They can teach you things like helping with math, teach how to cook, and tell you to always do the right thing. Parents are the best!  

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