I Got This Feeling

“I got this feeling, inside my bones…” Okay I get it, everybody likes that song. But that is just not my type of song. I was so cross that I could just dream of  that song never exciting. Anyway, the scene basically is that we are in the gym having a pizza party. that song just kept on playing that song that I couldn’t even eat my song with that on. So I decided that I could by time and go in the bathroom. So I did that and eventually the song went off. I was then celebrating with joy














Red Volt 100 word/week 23

One awfully beautiful day. I was going to the Game shop to find a very rare Ladder game that I could have. It was called Red Volt. A game were you started on a Pavement block and you would have to jump to different platforms to collect Coins that would be scattered around the map. If you did not make the jump.You would start Sinking  into a pit of sand were then you would die and re spawn to that place were you started. So, I ran! When I looked inside, There was  nothing inside the store to be seen

Torch 4

“What? How did you…”  “Told you I have powers, now let me see my brother!” Adam said ready to use his powers again. Then the Centaurs rushed in with Adam right by their side. as they went farther and farther, they could here a weird noise coming from where Adam had thought his brother was. It sounded like a trumpet or something. Once he got up there, he could see his brother playing the trumpet. It was completely out of tune. ” Who is this?” asked Twitch “Sire. This is your brother, Adam. He has come to claim the Throne.”  “What

Torch 3 100 wc /week17

The reason why Adam had came here was because of his brother Twitch, the ruler of Torch. Adam sprinted to the gates until he was stopped by the two Centaurs. They stopped him just like the light did, “What is your name young boy?” asked one of the Centaurs. “I am Adam, From Seafok village, and I have came to take my right as the King.”  said Adam. “You think that you can be the rightfully King of Torch?” Adam used his powers and boom! a lady in front of them disappeared!


Torch 2 100/week 16

Anyway, lets continue. Adam had come across one of the most fired light, he couldn’t even explain it. “What are you doing here with you’re Empty soul?” Yelled the light, as soon as Adam was about to talk, lots and lots of Pink Bubbles came down popping right on Adams face. Adam couldn’t even believe that that had just happened. he could see a bunch of weird creatures! He saw Gnomes singing and playing lots of instruments. He saw Gremlins racing on Bicycles. He saw Centaurs guarding a big tower called Fired Tower, that was why Adam had came here.    

Torch /Week 15

Hello. My name is Ether, and I am a sorcerer of Torch. If you are reading this, tell nobody about what you are going to see. This is the story about the city Torch. A very rather pleasant place that is filled with very many mysterious things! Once you go there, you can not forget about what you saw. It all started with a young boy named Adam. He was very clever but didn’t know much about the city. Once he entered, the light blinded him. The light was a guardian of Torch. It did that because it sensed evil.

Timmy and Jimmy

Timmy and Jimmy were Sailing on there huge boat to there Moms house in France.They had just gotten Tim Horton’s

But they were exhausted. Timmy was  just looking out at sea with crumbs all over his face. Jimmy was steering, still eating his half finished doughnut. Until thunder struck! Jimmy got so scared, that he went totally overboard! Jimmy started to go faster and faster down, until he was in the ocean Timmy rushed to the wheel as fast as he could. Until thunder struck again, and Timmy fell off to. All they both were worried about,Was the juicy doughnut.




100 wc/week 7

I was on my computer working on some Google Slides. Until I got very bored of doing it. So I looked up weird pictures that were very weird. Until I came to a stop of  scrolling down. I saw a picture that was very, very,  weird. I saw a Lego guy standing in a bowl with a camera in his hands. There were a bunch of ladybugs in the bowl.( there are some very weird stuff on then internet!) It was one of the most funnest things that I have ever seen? Lets just keep on scrolling down. That’s weird

Timmy and Jimmy

One stormy night, Jimmy and Timmy we were sailing to there mom’s house in France. Timmy was looking out of the telescope. Jimmy was steering the wheel. They had just gotten Tim Hortans they were eating doughnuts. Timmy had a already eaten his doughnut. Jimmy was getting very soggy after all of the rain. The waves were getting to fierce. The waves were so strong, that Jimmy fell totally overboard. But the only thing he was worried about was his doughnut. Timmy started totally freaking out after Jimmy fell overboard. Timmy ran inside the ship to be safe in there.

Crazy 4 100 word week 10

I could see all of them walking like weird zombies. So, we needed a distraction. We all voted of Ben since he was the fastest one hear. Once we gave him the signal,he started Running. It wasn’t Pretty! farewell Ben. We ran to the door that was blocked by the evil teachers. Once we got out it was chaos! We saw Gorillas breaking BricksWe all ran to this Yellow  house that looked abounded without anybody seeing us. Some of us were hungry. But we couldn’t make another sacrifice. Ben saved us all, wherever he is, I hope he’s  safe.

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