little sassy sisters are the worst

     Sassy sisters are the worst because  she hits me, takes my stuff and makes annoying faces and sounds   into me.

     First of all, two month ago she took my stuffed animal off my bed and ran down the stairs and just dropped it in the middle of the living room floor. She walked in the deer room just to play barbies. I raced down stairs and got  my baby Yoda stuffed animal back up to my room. Little sassy  Sisters are the worst.                                                                                                               Also this connects to, when she and  me and me only, walks by each other she sticks her hand out just to hit me on purpose. First when she and someone else wakes me up   she hits me . I got really mad  and grabbed her arm and  tugged her kind of  hard. Also  In the morning, when she  is eating cereal  with me, she sits on her knees, and just moves her legs just  to hit me. Then my dad put Little  scotch tape in the middle of  the two seated chair.                                                                                                                         Finally  she makes  annoying noises this morning she was watching my mom phone and when my mom grabbed the phone, she yanked it away from my mom. My mom said you do not say no to me. Mom took  her  phone from my little sister named Avery. Also Yesterday she was walking by me and growled at me and hissed at me. Finally  she does this thing where she shows just  her Bear teeth at me. Thar for little sassy sisters are the worst.                                                                                                                     This is why my sister is sassy  hits me, takes my  stuff and makes annoy sounds and faces. I realized that even though she is still sassy, I still love her no matter what. 

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