Paws – 100WC Week 23

“Hey, little kitty. Getting into mischief?” I asked the kitten we found a few days ago. She’s a clumsy kitten. So far, she had nearly knocked over a ladder, stepped in red paint, and spilled a jar of coins on the pavement.

“Hey! Paws!” My brother had shouted, while my baby sister dropped the coins in the fountain. She liked sinking things.

We decided to call the kitten Paws, since she was always getting her paws dirty. Well, not always. Somehow, once the sun went down and the stars came out, she was just a sweet little kitten. Little Paws.



3 thoughts on “Paws – 100WC Week 23”

  1. Great Job Maddy love your story, like the way your baby sister dropped the coins in you know what! 😀

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