a nice dream but it seemed to be going back wards…..

I put on my pj’s and went to my room and i went to sleep.I always had a nice dream but it seemed to be going backwards.I woke up in a hospital that i never seen before “HELLO?! ANYBODY HERE?!” i said while going into the halls and no one was there.I check the check in at the front desk and nothing was there . A person taped my shoulder they were a insane subject named lily and then i turned around and then everything went black . I thought i would never wake up but it seemed to be going backwards. I woke up in my room

3 thoughts on “a nice dream but it seemed to be going back wards…..”

  1. Very spooky story. It got me in the mood for Halloween and the scary month of October. I really liked how you used the quotation marks and capitals to show how the character was feeling. One little typoing suggestion is to make sure you have a single space after your end marks, and please remember to capitalize names and the word I. Otherwise, this was an exemplary piece. Keep up the great work.
    Mrs. Vreeland Team 100 NJ, USA

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