Hello,” said Jack

                      “Shh.” commanded Timmy

“We are supposed to be acting as stachues!” said Alison

     “Why?” asked Jack

“Because if they find out they could take us or worse.” declared Timmy  

              “Why would they take us?” Jack asked confusedly

          “Because they think were evil!” declared Alison

               “Just because we’re silver and not from earth doesn’t mean we are evil.” Said jack

            “Shh a human is coming!” commanded Alison

                 After the human dashed offed , Jack said “i‘m leaving!”                                                                                                                        “STOP they will call 911 and take you we will never see you again!”  Screamed Alison and Timmy                                                                                               

He walked away and we never saw him again and from that day on we never saw another alien…           

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